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Temporary Water Allotment Transfers

Tranfer Criteria:

Temporary Water Allotment Transfers must be submitted to the Owyhee Irrigation District’s office.  The application will be reviewed by the District Manager and Water Master.  The person(s) applying must be the property’s owner, renter, or lessee. The form is available below or it can be picked up at the office.

If you complete the paper form you may mail it, email it, or dropped off to the District’s office.

  • Mailing Address: 422 Thunderegg Blvd, Nyssa, OR 97913
  • Email:


After the form has been submitted, the District may take up to seven (7) business days  to review the application before water is delivered if the transfer is approved.

  • The Ditch Rider will be authorized to transfer/deliver the water once the transfer has been reviewed and approved.  The District will only allow water to be transferred within 1 (one) ditch ride or within a reasonable proximity.
  • If 4-acre feet is available, transfers will NOT be approved.
  • NO transfers on the Ontario-Nyssa (Shoestring) Canal.
  • NO transfers with water from the Dead Ox pumping system.
  • Lease agreements MUST be effective as of April 15.

The District will determine if a fee will be applied to the approved transfer.

 Fees will be applied to the associated parcel receiving the water.

If the fee has been applied, but water is not transferred during the water season there will not be
any reimbursement of the fee.


Printable PDF Form:

Temporary Water Allotment Transfer Form.pdf

Temporary Water Allotment Form

Authorizing signature will be required by the owner in order to process the application. Signature request will be emailed to the Owner

Location water will be removed FROM:

Location water will be moved TO::
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