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Parcel Combinations

The Parcel Combination Program is designed to allow land owners & renters the ability to combine multiple parcels into one water allotment pool,  giving farmers greater flexibility to beneficially use water on their lands & simplify the water accounting for the District staff.


Program Details:

  • All lands in combination must be on the same ditch ride & same lateral system. North Canal units within 0.5 canal miles of the lateral system may also be added to a combination. Outside of this, the operator will need to utilize the Districts’ transfer policy and procedure.
  •  All lands in combination must be operated by one operator unless in common delivery. If in common delivery, only the designated operator on this combination will be recognized as the operator.
  • For determining peak delivery capacity during times of proration, parcels in combination will be treated like other parcels not in combination to ensure all parcels on the lateral system receive the same proportions.
  • To control excess water usage on a per-parcel basis any parcel receiving over four and a half feet (4.5) per acre excess will be automatically dropped from the combination. Any prior purchase will remain with the combination and the purchase will be adjusted in accordance with applicable rates after the excess parcel(s) are separated.
  • All assessments on parcels in combination must be paid and RRA paperwork completed. If any are unpaid or RRA paperwork is not in by the deadline, the combination will not be approved.
  • Owners must sign the combination forms to allow the combination with a lessee’s owned parcels.
  • A combination may be broken, during irrigation season, only if a new operator is in possession of the land and both parties agree and sign off on the original combination plus a $250.00 fee.
  • Changes to combinations must be submitted by the operator each year. If no changes are submitted the combination will carry forward as it was the previous year.

Application process:

  1.  A $25 non-refundable fee shall accompany the application(s) submitted not to exceed $150.00 per operator to cover handling costs.
  2. The deadline for submitting applications is the last business day of May.   Applications submitted from June 1st to the last business day of July shall bear a $100.00 late charge.  No application will be accepted after the last business day of July.

Application Form available to print below:

Combination Application Form.pdf


Parcel Combination Questions
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