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Owyhee River Flows - 2024

Owyhee River Flow Updates:

4/12/2024: Flows into the Owyhee River

Flows into the Owyhee River have decreased down to 6,500 CFS begining 4/11/2024

We do not know how long the flows will remain at this level but we do expect flows will continue at a high rate to account for the inflows into the reservoir.

It is recommended to stay out of the Owyhee River during this time for safety!

The Board & District staff continue to evaluate the data to make adjustments as needed.

Please continue to keep an eye on Facebook or Instagram for the most up to date information as we receive it! You may also visit our website for more details!

A dirt road with a "HIGH WATER" warning sign, water across the path, and leafless trees under a cloudy sky.
Owyhee River High Water Warning



A panoramic view of a dam’s reservoir with mountains in the background and a spillway on the right.
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